With over 16 years experience, Misty Enright Photography is an award-winning and nationally featured Photography Studio located in Pewee Valley, Kentucky. Misty Enright Photography offers Portrait and Commercial Photography not only in Louisville and in Oldham County, but also in nearby Shelby, Henry, and Bullitt counties, while also serving nearby Indiana and Ohio.

Hi, I'm Misty!

Here's a few fun facts about me -

*I am a mom to two adorable girls and wife to this guy I met at a wedding almost 20 years ago.

*I'm a sports girl. I love basketball (UK) and football (Cincinnati Bengals). We, as a family, hike and play lots of miniature golf.

*I am a master at finding continuity mistakes in TV/movies.

*I am a klutz - I once ran into Mike Tyson when I tripped getting off a moving walkway in an airport and I ran head first into Mike Myers in LA when I almost fell coming around the corner of a building.

*I'm a proud member of the PPA (Professional Photographers of America), and in 2011, I earned my Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) distinction.